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13 Principles from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

In 1908, Andrew Carnegie gave a challenge to the young journalist Napoleon Hill. Andrew Carnegie asked Napoleon Hill to create a solid philosophy of success based on the experience of the world’s greatest individual achievers. After a couple of decades and thousands of pages of researches, Think and Grow Rich became an existence and break international bestseller book records. More than 100 million copies of Think and Grow Rich have been sold and still going on.

What’s it about?

Think and Grow Rich is the combined perception and understanding of more than 500 of America’s most successful individuals. Their wisdom and understanding were then narrowed down into 13 principles and what Napoleon Hill refers to as an overall “Philosophy of Achievement.”

13 Principles

Napoleon Hill’s 13 Principles of Success present a philosophy of success that is intended to be eliminated. This Think and Grow Rich Summary will look at each of the 13 principles in return. They are as follows:

  1. Desire
  2. Belief
  3. Automatic Suggestion
  4. Special Knowledge
  5. Imagination
  6. Organized Planning
  7. Decision
  8. Perseverance
  9. Master Brain Power
  10. Sex Transformation
  11. Unconscious Mind
  12. The Brain
  13. Sixth Sense

Highlighting individual philosophical and, sometimes, spiritual, think and guru richness has become a groundbreaking book for business people, CEOs, and individual thinkers. By reading the key points of this Think and Grow Rich Chapter summary, you will know to what extent you have to master your subconscious and how to earn your destination.

1. Desire: The Starting Point for All Success

Hill says the key to success is to define a goal and put all your energy, strength, and effort into achieving it. It may take many years for you to succeed, but if you persevere, you will eventually get what you are looking for.

Merely wanting money is nowhere to be found. However, by pursuing a lucrative goal, a complex plan, and not accepting failure as an option, you will become rich. To help you do just that, Hill offers six thought-provoking and growth-enhancing steps:

  • Decide how much money you want to make in dollars.
  • To receive this amount, give what you want to give.
  • Select a date by which you want to deposit this amount.
  • Create a way to achieve your goal and get started together, whether you feel ready or not.
  • Write all of the above in a clear statement.
  • Twice a day read this written statement aloud, the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Imagine your life as if you already own this amount.

Although it may already seem difficult to think of oneself as rich, it is only people who are “conscious of money” who succeed. The key to being aware of money is to look at it before you get rich. You will only become rich if you have a strong desire for money, and you will not give up anything to get it.

2. Belief: Imagination and Belief In The Pursuit Of Desire

Belief is a state of mind that you must learn to cultivate or try to prepare. By repeating affirmations and instructions, the process of auto-suggestion creates a state of unconsciousness. Any effect of thought that is constantly repeated and enters the subconscious mind eventually becomes a permanent part of thinking.

However, it can also have negative consequences. In addition to positive thinking patterns, we can also enforce negatives that can lead us to perceive ourselves as incompetent, doomed, or failing. Hill, therefore, argues that it is only our beliefs that determine the nature of our subconscious. By repeating affirmations, you can imagine your mind and feel like this and believe that your success is guaranteed.

The mind moves on to the nature of the guiding effects. A positive mind is more fertile for faith, and faith is the starting point of all success. The biggest factor holding you back from success? Lack of self-confidence. Hill recommends this five-fold Think and Grow Rich endorsement to repeat in writing and then learn from memory to boost self-confidence:

  • Know that you are capable of achieving your goal, and you must promise to be steadfast in achieving that endeavor.
  • The dominant thoughts in your brain will result in physical activity and change your reality. So, you want to spend 30 minutes every day thinking about this person. Who you want to be
  • For ten minutes each day, focus on building your confidence.
  • Write down your goal, and don’t stop until you reach it.
  • If you achieve success through unethical means, realize that you cannot achieve lasting success. So, promise to join only one transaction if everything involved is beneficial. Your negative attitude towards people will never bring you success.

Perform this method for memory, and repeat it aloud once a day to be successful.

3. Automatic Suggestion: Medium for Affecting The Subconscious Mind

Self-suggestion is tantamount to self-suggestion. It is the connection between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Just reading the words aloud will have no effect. When you recite your statements, as described in the previous chapter, you must encourage the desire to use yourself. Your subconscious will only act on the thoughts that are felt.

Therefore, Hill recommends including the following in Think and Grow Rich in the six steps outlined in the Desire chapter.

  • Find a quiet place where you don’t have to worry and repeat your written statement aloud. When you do, imagine the amount.
  • Repeat this morning and night until you have a clear picture of all the money coming in.
  • Keep a written statement where you can see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Read it until you stick it to memory.

4. Special Knowledge: Personal Experiences or Observations

There are two types of knowledge: special and general. Common sense is rarely used when trying to accumulate wealth. Knowledge makes money only when it is organized and specifically directed towards a final outcome. To be successful, you need to have specific knowledge in the area in which you intend to make your destination.

If the amount of knowledge required exceeds your abilities, Hill recommends creating a “mastermind” group. This group should include people you know who have the information you need and who can help you achieve your goal.

5. Imagination: Brain Workshop

Within your imagination is the place where all plans are made and formed. It just depends on how well you develop your imagination. According to Hill, there are two types of imagination: artificial and creative.

Through artificial imagination, you refine existing concepts, ideas, and projects into new forms. Nothing is created in this form of imagination because it works with the existing mental matter. Creative imagination is what comes from hunting and inspiration. Within this, new ideas are formed. These kinds of fantasies can only come when your conscious mind is activated by desire. This is a muscle that needs to be trained.

Ideas are the starting point for all good fortune, and they are the product of imagination. It may be helpful to look at one of the most successful companies, such as Coca-Cola, and remind yourself that it all started with a single idea. Really, a really smart salesperson will know that an idea can be traded where there is no solid product. Almost all good fortune begins when a person with a great idea meets someone who sells ideas. When the desire is confronted, thoughts are unstoppable forces. They are more powerful than the minds that created them. That way, you have to listen, cultivate, and develop a desire to see them.

6. Organized Planning: Crystallization of Desire in The Process

To make your project a reality, Hill suggests following these four Think and Grow Rich Steps:

  • Associate yourself with a mastermind group that includes people who will help you carry out your plan.
  • However, before assembling a group, make sure they know what they can offer each of your members for their work.
  • Meet this group at least twice a week, or at most if possible, until a concrete plan is in place.
  • Maintain a good relationship between you and the group at all times.

To get your luck, you need to cooperate with others. No one can create completely on their own. If your plans fail, go back to the drawing board and keep trying until a plan works. Thomas Edison made 10,000 failed plans before completing the incandescent light bulb. The key to his success was that when his previous plans failed, he never gave up and kept making new ones. Intelligent planning is the key to saving your fortune.

7. Decision: Delay Specialist

After analyzing data from interviews with more than 25,000 men and women, Hill concluded that lack of judgment, such as delay, was a major cause of failure. The most successful people make quick and definite decisions. People who struggle to make a decision are often easily persuaded by the opinions of others.

However, Hill explains that being easily understood means that you lack the desire and therefore, you will not be able to reach your goals. Learn to trust yourself, and if you need information, get it from trusted sources. People who make decisions quickly know what they want and how to get it. The world turns to those whose actions and words show that they know where they are going. It takes courage to make a decision. It is only courage that brings great fortune.

8. Perseverance: Constant Effort is Needed to Instill Faith

Perseverance is built on the force of will. When the desire is combined with willpower, it can do little to stop you from reaching your goals. Most things are difficult. The only way to move forward is to face adversity.

If you find yourself struggling with some lack of perseverance, you can overcome this obstacle. How easily you can survive depends on how intensely you want to reach your goals. Here, Hill advises you to remind yourself of your daily affirmations. In addition, if you have carefully assembled your mastermind group, they can be helpful in motivating you to stay on track.

Hill pursued an eight-stage Think and Growth Rich Action Plan to build resilience. It is as follows:

  • Purpose Explanation: To know exactly what you want.
  • Desire: Becoming obsessed with amassing one’s own financial well-being.
  • Self-reliance: Believing that you can carry out your plan increases your perseverance.
  • Project Description: Organized, complete plans guide you forward.
  • Accurate knowledge: Make sure your plans are based on reality.
  • Collaboration: Members of your master brain can inspire you to persevere.
  • Power: Focusing on your plans until completion.
  • Habit: Perseverance is a direct result of habit. Who you are is what you do every day? By working boldly over and over again, fear can be overcome.

9. Master Brain Power: Driving Force

You must have the power to save money. Without power, you can’t put your plans into action. The hill states have three ways of collecting power, and they are:

  • Infinite Intelligence
  • Accumulated Experience
  • Experience and Research

Knowledge is transformed into power by arranging certain plans. However, knowledge alone cannot be acquired. If your plans are complete, then they will need the knowledge of others. Using the knowledge of your mastermind group members, you can build strength. Cooperative alliances have amassed almost every great fortune so far. One set of brains produces far more results than the sum of their parts.

10. Mystery Sex Transformation: The Tenth Step to Wealth

The word “transmit” means to change the form of one element or energy into another. Hill argues that sex is our most basic and powerful drive. This desire is so strong that people often put their lives and honor on the line to join it. However, Hill argues that when his sexual energy is transferred to other parts of the body, it can have a much stronger effect. Although it requires a considerable amount of willpower, he says the effort is worthwhile.

However, Hill immediately points out that he is not insisting that the sexual campaign be put under pressure, that it be given only alternative outlets that strengthen the mind, body, and soul. To be able to A transgender sex drive results in extraordinary creativity. Creative imagination, mountain states, is the sixth sense of humanity. Creativity is born in us, but it does not guide us. The best artists become great because they specialize in listening to the “still little voice” that speaks from within.

11. Unconscious Mind: Connected Link

Although you may not be able to control your subconscious mind, you can suggest that you want to achieve specific plans, desires, or goals. However, ignorance can only be guided voluntarily through the process of habit. In order for your subconscious to work for you 24/7 negatively, you have to be wary of the negative thinking patterns and the productive habits that you are eating into it. You need to move away from such negative influences and move towards cultivating more positive, wishful states of mind.

The unconscious is more likely to accept thoughts that come with emotions. Hill explains that these are just emotional thoughts that translate into action. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what constitutes negative or positive emotions. Hill uses the metaphor that the emotions associated with thoughts are like yeast in a loaf of bread. They encourage action, like, increase bread. Depending on whether the emotions are positive or negative, this will result in either a significant or destructive bread.

12. The Brain: A Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Worry

Hill firmly believes that the brain is capable of vibrating the thoughts of other brains. However, he went on to say that these are just ideas that have reached a very high rate of “rapid” vibration between the minds. Hill argues that if someone engages in sex change, their thoughts vibrate with greater frequency.

To maximize your mental “broadcasting” abilities, Hill suggests that you focus on developing your subconscious and your creative imagination through the art of auto-suggestion.

13. Sixth Sense: The Door to The Temple of Wisdom

Hill believed in an “infinite intelligence” that could be used when the subconscious was moving at a particularly high, positive frequency. However, he also says that infinite intelligence can communicate with an individual without cultivating a proper mental state. Hill refers to the sixth sense of the creative imagination. What people call “inspirational flames,” or “hunchbacks,” were messages of infinite intelligence. The sixth sense, therefore, is a combination of mental and spiritual.

When you learn to listen to your sixth sense messages, you will know when to avoid dangers and when to take advantage of opportunities. It acts as a guardian angel of all kinds. Hill argues that if you have accepted the previous chapters of his book, you will now be ready to accept this sixth sense concept without hesitation. The ability to hear this power is slowly being realized while other principles are being realized.

How to Defeat The Six Fear?

Before getting ready to integrate the philosophy outlined earlier in this book, Hill states that you must make sure that no one is deterred from interpreting the “six basic fears.” The six fears are as follows.

  1. Fear of poverty, indifference, detachment, doubt, anxiety, more caution and delay.
  2. Fear of criticism, self-awareness, lack of assembly, lack of complexity, extravagance, lack of initiative and lack of desire.
  3. Fear of ill health, hypochondria, poor exercise, sensitivity, self-coding, and tolerance embodied.
  4. Jealousy, finding fault and fear of losing one’s love through gambling.
  5. The fear of old age is embodied in the gradual development of the inferior complex at the age of 40 and the apologetic reference to “old age” and the elimination of habits of initiative, imagination and self-reliance.
  6. The fear of death is embodied in the focus on living, lack of purpose and dying instead of a proper profession.

Hill explains that all concerns can be incorporated into one of these topics. Since all emotional thoughts are translated into physical action, the result of all thoughts associated with fear can never be of significant financial benefit.


  1. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich discusses how to use the power of thought to express one’s strong desires and a definite goal in reality.
  2. Faith or belief is the glue that holds it all together.
  3. Every success begins with a strong desire, manifested in reality through imagination, followed by an organized plan.
  4. Successful people reach decisions more quickly than normal peoples and definitely, changing their minds slowly and effectively.
  5. Lack of perseverance is a major cause of failure.
  6. To gain great power and success, you need the help of a mastermind.
  7. Sex drive, creative and productive shopping can be a powerful force for success.
  8. Fear is just a state of mind. It depends on control and direction.

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